Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walls will Crumble

I saw his kingdom hovering over the earth, with great clarity & new eyes as his power & revelation reminded me with certainty that his kingdom reigns over all the earth. Over good & over evil. The Lord reigns; He lives!
How has your love changed me Lord? My love has given you peace in your life. My love has healed you. My love has put your gift of compassion into action, & I am sending more opportunities for you to serve in this way. Be aware of those that distract you, but do not succumb. Search fervently for me, in the assignments I am about to send you & only do those assignments sent from me.
There will be a great turning & continued shaking of the earth. Just as the walls of Jericho crumbled, so will hardened hearts as my Spirit, my Love flows into every home & every heart. And My glory will rest on those who choose to do my will. On those who are Mine.
I saw the Spirit of God observing great & powerful leaders of nations, & he says; "Government is becoming increasingly evil & rotted with corruption, but do not be dismayed, for I am with you. I am closer than you could ever imagine."
At that I saw masses & hoards of angels depart from heaven, descending to earth, ordered to protect his people in these difficult times & times to come.
"Prepare prepare the way of the Lord, for my return is near. And at last you whom are Mine will see--every eye will see me decend from heaven on the clouds in all my glory for my people will see the face of the One they have loved...the One they have trusted & we will embrace once & for all. For all the world to see..."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lyrics I think would sound great sung by Demi

About Self

Im tired of cryin
Im tired of all the useless tryin
...just wanna believe
to the point that Im called naive
tho they dont know i see--
all the eyes that roll (in front of me)
...cuz they don't understand
that half the time I just pretend
for the sake of peace....
& its about time that I be
that I be, the real me

(accompanying music inspired by Camp rock, jonas brothers Demi Lovato, etc.)

Raising a preteen who's above & beyond the average intellectual, reasoning & social limits of ten...I've been pulled into watching more & more of these adolescent-friendly, emotionally driven movies & tv shows like cheetah girls, highschool musicals, camp rock & on...while she evaluates, critiques, justifies & sympathizes with each & every character, & their every move. I listen, amazed as I hear her differing views of rational & emotionally-driven behaviors...from a ten year old whose mind busily & accurately discerns various choices made on the parts of the characters. Much of the reasoning is beyond my immediate scope of preferred simplicity. Lets face it; my kid is a mini-adult. (some say mini-mel, but maybe not so. lol)
But besides all that, (& the fact that there will be no choice where university is concerned, that is for sure, lol) point is that no matter the script, the character, the fashion or characters in the movie...its all about Fitting in. Acceptance of self. Acceptance of others...& the good old rule, 'Treat others as you want to be treated'...while of course having some fun on the way. (again, of course:)

Other Christian parents seem shocked at some of our choices with Em. And thats their opinion, although, being a little less vocal about it, might save my blood pressure from rising. These choices I refer to are things so petty & normally non-issue, such as Bratz dolls, PG movies, selective secular music, wearing nailpolish at 8 yrs. & getting an extra ear-hole. Allowing her to attend the school dance, sleepovers & on & on. Ridiculously petty, non-life altering issues. Yes my daughter has heard the word shit. And many others. And probably said some of them at one time or another & so has nearly every other kid. But her soul isn't doomed by that. She loves her God deeply & her prayer life is inspiring. She's led several of her friends to the Lord, brought countless to church, & is the most compassionate, loving spirit I've ever known. "So, uptight, Christian parents, you need to relax. Wake up, your child is not going to join a cult if they want to wear a high school musical t-shirt or pierce their ears." Many people, let's face it; mostly terrible parents themselves, have over the years spouted their advice, opinions & 'answers' to questions I've never asked. So now in the same right, I am going to also share my insights, starting here.

See, this in my opinion, is how it should be: as Christians, we need to pay attention to what our kids are into & go with silly or 'worldly' as it may seem. That said, of course with guidance & gentle correction where need be. Because there's a reason they're interested in these things & there's always a message behind it anyway...& its usually not much different than the message meant for us. Everyone wants to know more about themselves & how to live a good life, with good relationships. Life is life, whether from a godly view or world view, our kids are going to ponder both. I want my daughter to know the difference between the two...before she's out there on her own.

I believe there's a way to expose our kids to the world in a way that will prepare them, without fully surrendering them. Because, we do live sheltering them from our surroundings will only prove harmful in the end. Kinda like a deer in headlights...the headlights of sex, violence, drugs, poverty etc. Too many Christian families live in fear; of their children conforming to an evil world or getting hurt by they 'help them' turn a blind eye to the realities of life. With good intentions, these kids are kept safely in a bubble...& we all know kids like that...& there is NOTHING that is safe about it. We train & discipline our children up to know God, & to know/utilize their spiritual armor, while sometimes neglecting to arm them up with experience & knowledge; to be fully aware & aquainted with society's shortcomings, pressures & deceit. I worry for these kids. Because I was one of them. My parents certainly meant well...but it took a lot of heartache & tears from learning the hard way when some of it could have been prevented. If I had been more prepared.

Olivia Newton-John along with ALL fabulous pop music was forbidden in our home. But I found a way to listen to it anyway. Dance was of the devil too. But my friends & I still performed dance routines after school, even in front of the class. Rebellion? Maybe, likely. But not what I'm condoning. Kids are curious. Humans are curious, its our nature.

As human beings, with different countenances & giftings, personalities & interests, its up to us as parents to raise our kids up in their 'bent'. Some kids are affected more dramatically than others in different situations, so I'm not saying that listening to several genres of music is for everyone. Or that every child in a Christian home should have piercings, trendy clothes or take dance lessons.

Like Paul said, "Everything is permissable-but not everything is beneficial." (1 Cor. 10:23) My husband & I enjoying an occasional glass of wine or drink among friends responsibly, is in our opinion, a healthy way for our child to see first-hand how alcohol is meant to be used, so she's prepared to know the difference between that & alcohol abuse.

So many people wrapped up in the clutch of failed tradition & suffocating limitations as parents, aren't getting it--& not looking at the true picture. Real quick to judge & correct. Perhaps it is I, a mother with effective parenting skills (& a great kid to prove it:), am the one who should be giving these rude, 'dillusional spouters' the parenting advice. Give me a call, if you're reading; I'd be happy to teach you a few things.

Friday, August 8, 2008

His creation before conception

Romans 11:36

"For everything comes from him & exists by his power & is intended for his glory..."
(above fetus, 10 wks.)

Psalm 139:15
"You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb."

fetus hand, 11 weeks>>
Psalm 139:13

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body & knit me together in my mother's womb."

(21 wk. fetus' hand grasping doctor's finger; legally can still be aborted)

Psalm 139:16

"You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a Single day had passed."

Proverbs 16:4

"The Lord has made everything for his own purposes..."

Proverbs 31:8 (nlt)

"SPEAK UP for those who cannot speak for themselves;
ensure justice for those being crushed."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Greatest of These

James 1:27 (Amplified)

External religious worship [religion as it is expressed in outward acts]
that is pure & unblemished in the sight of God the Father is this:
to visit & help & care for the orphans & widows in their affliction & need,
& to keep oneself unspotted & uncontaminated from the world.

About four years ago, God gave me a reeally cool vision of Chris & I ministering to orphans...I remember sitting with many of them crowding all around in a small room, singing with them (but they didnt seem to notice the fact I'm no Julie Andrews, lol) & Chris was bringing some food in the room...I knew that this was something of the heart was blessed & touched & committed to serving these children, to look into their emptiness & shower them with love they so much needed/lacked, to pray for their healing, & eventually hear them laugh louder & hold them till they fell asleep. Without orphanages in Canada, I presume this is meant for somewhere much farther, maybe Romania, or central America, who knows at this point.
So my eyes & ears are open for opportunities in this way...esp. in our own city where so many are in distress & alone, children w/o parents or mentors, incl. those 'stuck' in the system. And women/men alone with broken hearts who cry day & night for their deceased.
This scripture brings another to the forefront for me...that once again it's about treating/loving others as WE would want to be loved. If we all really did that, no one would HAVE to tell us they're saved; we would already know!

Mark 12:29-31 (the Message) "Jesus said, "The first in importance is, 'Listen, Israel: The Lord your God is one; so love the Lord your God with all your passion, & prayer & intelligence & energy.' And here is the second: 'Love others as well as you love yourself.' There is no other commandment that ranks with these."

Sunday, July 13, 2008


And then before you know it, without you having anything to do with it,
Wasted Lebanon will be transformed into lush gardens,
& Mount Carmel reforested.
At that time the deaf will hear word-for-word what's been written.
After a lifetime in the dark, the blind will see.
The castoffs of society will be
Laughing & Dancing in God,
the down-and-outs shouting praise
to the Holy One of Israel.

For there'll be no more gangs on the street.
Cynical scoffers will be an extinct species.
Those who never missed a chance to hurt or demean
will never be heard of again:
Gone the people who corrupted the courts,
Gone the people who cheated the poor,
Gone the people who victimized the innocent.

That is why the LORD, who redeemed Abraham, says to the people
of Israel, "My people will NO longer be ashamed
or turn pale with fear..."
~Isaiah 29:18-22

Thats MY God:) Full of love, mercy & I read these promises, peace rolls in & my heart shouts with praise...Hosanna!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

More Listening, More Fruit...

This past week has been interesting...eye-opening to say the least. Spiritually speaking, the gates of radical awareness & specific prophetic knowledge from the holy of holies just blasted wide open.

So I'll start backwards with yesterday & my pastor's words about 'receiving' what is ours...that he declares we are all prophetic at Freedom House b/c of the prophetic mantle over that ministry...
I thought about my own 'wow' encounters recently with the prophetic (& how ppl over the years have so annoyingly labelled it as psychic>:?, Psychic=Stupid! & Prophetic=Perfect Peace)...And how much I long to be as fruitful & productive as I can in this way, so others will be encouraged, healed, blessed, even saved!

On the other side of it, there are some in my family who are involved with the occult, to what extent I dont know, but God does, & I get the what if's thinking about "what if"...the lies the enemy has them believing are blown out of the water when the Holy Spirit starts to minister to them through HIS specific knowledge, HIS peace, leading them into HIS truth!! Almost every day I think about this. And then I think...God is calling and me, to speak these words of life into those who can't hear His voice, so he can then touch their hearts & accomplish his will for them & us...

This past month I have heard from God is so many ways, SO specifically, before actual events had occured. He told me that a friend wouldn't in fact be showing up at a festival we were going to...I shared this with my husband, which is what I do now, to encourage him in his walk with God too:) I tell my daughter too, that we ALL can hear from God...we just have to listen, it will happen if we're patient.
So there were thousands of ppl...& I just knew she hadnt shown although she said she was going for sure. She told me the next day they didn't go (b/c her friend couldnt find the baby car seat.)
Same friend...her family was gone away camping for 10 days without her, b/c she just started working as a PSW & didnt want to skip off work.
After the first wknd together, she was enjoying the break from the very busy life of 3 young kids & loud husband (did I just say that? hehe)
I sensed God told me they were coming home early, but didnt say anything to her, b/c she prob. would've been bummed out, lol. So once again, i told my husband & GOD was right again! So, they came home a day early & my friend had to cancel our plans. (Little did she know I had a 'heads up' about our plans that night, lol)

And Again, after my daughter had gone to a sleepover, God told me to gather the family the next day & pray...first asking forgiveness of sins...& reminding my daughter that we need to do this every day. I shared this with my husband, he said ok, we then find out the next day that while God had told us to pray, our daughter & her friend had 3 frightening demonic encounters that night. God is so awesome, what a father, protector, counsellor, teacher & friend!
These last weeks my family, friends & I have been surprised & amazed at the things God has been revealing...& HOW MUCH MORE I want to hear from him, & know his voice with certainty so I can pray/encourage others in confidence that any specific knowledge I share with them is directly from the Holy Spirit, without diluting any part of it.

As Pastor Brian spoke, I kept hearing the word "receive" & I could see several strings dangling from above our heads with a tag attached to the bottom of each. Each tag would read a different word, one said 'salvation' , another, 'victory', another, 'healing' , 'ministry'...& so on.
The holy spirit was saying, if you Really want something, what do you do? Do you not reach out for it?
I then saw a little boy in a store with his dad, pleading nonstop for his dad to get him a super cool candy. ANd This particular time, b/c he was so persistent, the dad was happy to buy his son the treat. Then I saw Jesus standing next to me in the same way, saying; "And it's the same with you...if you want something, why not ask your heavenly Father for it?" Ask & you will receive...
I then saw Jesus riding on a wave, & lined up along each side were several angels...he said there's a tidal wave coming, & its going to wash over us...though I didnt sense any fear.
>A little later, Steve got up to share what God had shown him. It was a river with a wave & an undertow...some ppl were swimming frantically while others were calm & just went with it. The ppl in the water were those at Freedom House. He said the reaction of those of us in the water was dependant on our trust in Him.
So i dont know what Gods about to do, but I kinda hope it doesnt involve water literally, cause I am not a strong swimmer! Guess I'll just have to trust him; afterall He's the best lifeguard ever! LOL

Monday, June 16, 2008


Psalm 146:5 - 10

But happy are those who have the God of Israel as their helper, whose hope is in the LORD their God.
He is the one who made heaven & earth, the sea, & everything in them. He is the one who keeps every promise forever,
who gives justice to the oppressed and food to the hungry.
The LORD frees the prisoners.
The LORD opens the eyes of the blind.
The LORD lifts the burdens of those bent beneath their loads.
The LORD loves the righteous.
The LORD protects the foreigners among us.
He cares for the orphans & widows, but he frustrates the plans of the wicked.
The LORD will reign forever.
O Jerusalem, your God is King in every generation!